Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Is Home Ownership Still A Good Thing? Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

The conventional wisdom is that home ownership is good. But Roger Nusbaum, based on an idea from financial blogger and iconoclast James ...

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How technology is changing the future of interior design

Once the ideas are in place, it's time to start shopping – and, of course, Houzz has a huge, curated selection of products for your home. So, you have ...

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Home design: What moms want

So what would make life at home easier, we wondered? ... in helping busy moms and families implement smart and stylish design ideas to make home ...

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The World's Wisest Minds Gather in Guiyang to Brainstorm Ideas to Promote Public Health

The epoch-making dialogues among these experts and scientists during the meeting have attracted dozens of leading media from home and abroad ...

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Wallpaper Adds Ceiling Drama

Spot a cool design idea while out and about? Send us a photo and tell us why you love it. If we love it too, we'll feature it in an upcoming issue.

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Long-term plan for Walker-Stone House still unknown

The historic Walker-Stone House will serve as a temporary resource for ... structure at 207 W. Center St. That idea was scrapped earlier this year.

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Log Home Show Returns to Chantilly, VA October 2017

The Log & Timber Home Market is very unique and we are excited to help ... Visitors are encouraged to bring their own home plans and ideas to be ...

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